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London Tax Network is a tax investigations and dispute resolution specialist firm. Interventions by HMRC can be expensive, stressful and intrusive. We aim to take the stress out of the situation by resolving disputes swiftly and with a  mutually agreeable settlement. We liaise with HMRC and the client to respond to HMRC’s queries in a timely and appropriate manner, ensuring that responses are sufficient to allay HMRC’s concerns and with a view to resolution without delay.

Our expertise means we know when HMRC are overstepping their limits and how best to protect the client. We are also able to engage with advisers and assist them “behind the scenes” to resolve disputes.

Our areas of expertise:

  • Tax investigations and enquiries;
  • Code of Practice 9 (civil investigation of fraud) investigations;
  • Responses to Schedule 36 information notices and informal information requests;
  • Negotiating tax penalties, standalone or as part of the enquiry or investigation;
  • Advising on “whitespace” additions to tax returns to minimise the risk of enquiry;
  • Voluntary disclosures to HMRC.

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Mala Kapacee CTA

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Mala is a Chartered Tax Adviser with significant tax experience working with ex-HMRC inspectors. Her network through the London Tax Society and other forums ensures she retains links to HMRC and remains up to date on HMRC policies. Her experience includes resolving tax enquiries, CoP8 and 9 Investigations as well as disclosures for a range of taxes and situations; self -employment, property, owner managed businesses and non-UK domiciled individuals.

She is a well-known tax author, having had several articles published in Taxation Magazine and Tax Adviser. She founded the London Tax Society in 2017 and actively encourages networking and technical development for young professionals.




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