It's not What you know...

Since 2018, LTS has been providing monthly seminars and networking events for Young Professionals. Our events are attended by Solicitors and Barristers, Tax Advisers, Accountants, Wealth Advisers, Investment Bankers and even by HMRC staff.

LTS is a platform for the development and growth of professional networks. These networks develop over time and particularly in the modern more competitive environment, help individuals stand out from the crowd.

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2019 Highlights (so far)

LTS was set up in January 2018 with the aim of promoting Networking and Technical Development amongst young professionals. The idea was to try and get individuals across the professions in a room and speaking to each other on a regular basis. Within two years, we have nearly 300 people on the mailing list (from…


HMRC’s information powers

The original article was published in Taxation Magazine on 9 September 2019 and can be viewed here. Since Finance Act 2008, HMRC have had the power to request information from taxpayers and third parties, to check the taxpayer’s past, present and future tax positions. The legislation provides HMRC with the authority to: issue taxpayer information…


Indian Princess reforms British tax

Princess Sophia Alexandrovna Duleep Singh was the daughter of Bamba Muller and Maharaja Duleep Singh (said to be Queen Victoria’s lover). She was born in the UK after her father, the Maharaja, was exiled to the UK by the British Raj in May 1854 when he was just 15 years old. When he arrived in…