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Since 2018, LTS has been providing monthly seminars and networking events for Young Professionals. Our events are attended by Solicitors and Barristers, Tax Advisers, Accountants, Wealth Advisers, Investment Bankers and even by HMRC staff.

LTS is a platform for the development and growth of professional networks. These networks develop over time and particularly in the modern more competitive environment, help individuals stand out from the crowd.

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Tax and Insolvency

This article was published by Bloomsbury Professional on 16 June 2020 and you can see the original here. For some time, HMRC have been lobbying to become preferred creditors on liquidation of a company. Under current rules, secured creditors are paid first and all unsecured creditors (HMRC included) are paid afterwards, with each unsecured creditor…


Is the Ministry “interfering at Hogwarts”?

Hopefully readers will recognise the quote above from Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix, when the Ministry for Magic place an official at Hogwarts to “oversee matters”. With this in mind, we take a look at HMRC’s consultation on Raising Standards in the Tax Advice Market and discuss what the impact might be…

LondonTaxSociety - HMRCNotAsYouKnowthem

HMRC but not as you know them…

Over the last month HMRC have swiftly changed from a tax collection machine to a money distribution centre and they have carried this out admirably. Aside from providing funds to companies for furloughed workers, underwriting loans for small businesses and providing grants for self-employed individuals, HMRC have also deferred VAT and self assessment payment deadlines…

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